Edifier Headset SR-L700

Type: push-pull open-back electrostatic
Driver size: 90 x 50mm
Impedance: 145kΩ (including cable, at 10kHz)
Weight: 360g


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After one long evening under the spell of the Stax system, we went off to hear a prototype of Sennheiser’s new HE 1, replacement for the Orpheus headphones, thinking they would have quite a job to sound better. The HE 1s were perhaps softer-sounding, while still achieving the same revelations, but really, the HE 1s are likely to retail around $75,000, and the Stax were delivering similar levels of pleasure. Their open leakage makes them useless in a shared room, of course (unless you plug a second pair into the driver). That aside, if you’re after a top-level headphone (or earspeaker, sorry), then you simply can’t NOT audition Stax. We’d recommend taking a nice long playlist with you. Maybe stay the night.

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