F & D A111F(Repaired)

FD 2.1 Multimedia Speakers have the perfect combination of bass and treble that result in the most unique and stunning sound that only few brands around the world can provide. Now, experience state-of-the-art sound by installing these speakers and make every leisure moment more musical.


The product with the two satellite speakers and the sub-woofer weighs approximately 3.1kgs. The dimension of each satellite speaker is 128x116xx110mm. The dimension of the subwoofer is 198x210x227mm. Other features include:

Volume and bass knob
Subwoofer frequency response of 65Hz & 120Hz
Satellite speaker frequency response of 120Hz & 20KHz
Output power (RMS) of 35W
Satellite power of 11W each
Subwoofer of 13W
Satellite 4inch full range driver
Subwoofer 4inch bass driver
Audio input connector of white/red RCA jack
It runs with a power of AC 220 & 240V
Now, listen to your favourite tracks by inserting the SD card of your phone to this music system. There is also a USB reader that supports MP3 and WMA formats. The digital FM experience is taken to a whole new level with the advanced PLL technology, so that you can surf your favourite channels with complete ease. The metal-grilled satellite speakers maintain the clarity while enhancing the volume. The wooden cabinet delivers thumping bass while reducing sound distortion.

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Built in AVR (Automatic Voltage Regulator) for wide main operating voltage range 160-280V AC
High efficient energy saving design for Low Power Consumption
Apply advanced PLL Technology for uninterrupted digital FM experience
Simply select desired song or station by press ofnumeric keys on remote control
Fluorescence full function remote control
USB reader supporting MP3/WMA dual formats decoding

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