F&D EW202(Deform Box)


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The F&D EW202 has a simple cardboard box  with partitions inside that contains the earphones itself, basic documentation, microUSB cable for charging and extra eartips.

Wireless Splash-Resistant Earphones

One of the key features of the EW202 is its cord wrapped in plastic that protects itself from splashes. The tactile buttons consist of the volume rocker and center button that’s used for answering calls and turning the earphones on and off. You can also see the earpiece for your calls or voice recording.For  cable management, the EW202 has a magnetic section on each headset that can be easily attached. This simple tech can be seen on several wireless headsets like JBL or JayBird. Aside from this, it also has hinges that secures the headphones on your ear when running or doing crossfit workout.

The F&D EW202 can be connected via Bluetooth on your smartphone. From my experience, connecting it is totally a breeze — just hold the center button,and you’ll hear a familiar chime when connected. While using the EW202 during workout, it does not come off quickly when striding in treadmill or doing bench workouts.

Now, let’s head on to the sound quality. The first time I connected the earphones to my smartphone, opened my favorite music app and blasted some of my favorite bass-full music, the experience is uncanny. Unfortunately, both bass and treble are just too underwhelming for my taste.  It’s a bit disappointing when the box which says, “Super Deep Bass” and “Incredible Sound”.

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