Gamdias Athena E1

▼Small Form Factor ATX Case
▼Built-in  120mm ARGB Fan
▼Sync with 5V ARGB Motherboard
▼Expansion Slots: 7 + 2
▼Seamless Tempered Glass Window
▼Power Cover Design
▼Magnetic Dust Filter

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The ATHENA E1 PC Case pertains to a few solid feature for its compact and aesthetically-pleasing design: A Small Form Factor (SFF) Case to minimize the use of unnecessary extra workspace, an eye-catching chromatic effect to light your battle-station up, increased airflow efficiency for heat dissipation, alongside of a panoramic tempered glass side panel that gives the Goddess of Wisdom a finishing touch to her battle armor. When combined altogether as one, the four exceptional elements provide an unique aura and style of its own to your gaming masterpiece!

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