Gamdias GKB3000

  • GAMDIAS certified mechanical blue switches feature a 50 million actuation lifecycle
  • Neon light spectrum with 7 colors backlight
  • 14 sets of lighting effects
  • Built-in 9 pre-set light effects and 5 customizable pattern
  • Elegant metal plate for added durability
  • N-key rollover


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GAMDIAS HERMES 7 Color Mechanical Keyboard (Blue Switch)



Hermes 7 color spectrum mechanical gaming keyboard exceeds basic user demand and enriches the distinct design of the GAMDIAS Hermes Series. The Hermes 7 color spectrum is small but elegant; simple yet powerful and offers enhanced durability. GAMDIAS Certified Blue Switches with a 50 million actuation lifecycle, 7 color spectrum backlighting with 14 sets of lighting effects (9 preset and 5 customizable), WASD-Arrow key swap, Consecutive Attack Mode, Multimedia control keys, Keyboard lock, Windows key disable, and stylish/elegant metal plate design.

GAMDIAS Certified Blue Switches With A 50 Million Actuation Lifecycle

From newbie to eSports competitor; you’ll have enough keystrokes for a life time. With a notable ‘click’ when inputting keys you’ll become accustomed to just how much pressure you need to put forth to activate a key.

7 Color Spectrum Back Lighting With 14 Sets Of Lighting Effects

Make your keyboard standout at LAN parties and events with the beautiful 7 color spectrum lighting. Also included is a plethora of lighting effects such as ‘breathing’ mode and hot zone indicator flash. This keyboard comes bundled with plenty of style.

11 Speed Adjustment Levels

Customize your gaming experience with a multitude of different light effect speeds on your keyboard.

Aluminum Back Plating For Added Durability

Sturdier keyboard design with the introduction of a metal plate, as well as a firm typing feel.

N-Key Rollover

Fighting games, MMOs, shooters, all of them require multiple key combinations while being played. With N-Key Rollover your previous key presses that are held down won’t be deactivated when a new key is introduced.

Wasd And Arrow Keys Exchange

Right handed, left handed, or ambidextrous, the Hermes’ ‘Game Mode’ allows you to switch WASD with the arrow keys so matter the orientation you can play your game in comfort.

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