LM991 Respirator Mask

Brand: LIFAair

Model: LM991

Size : Free size – fits all
Packaging: 1Box/10pcs


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LIFAair uses advanced cleaning technology to develop innovative products underpinning the company’s ethos. “Responsible for Every Breath.”


🏆 Tested in accordance to NIOSH N95 standard by Nelson Labs of USA

🏆 Classified requirement as FFP3 standard from VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland


Advantages of LIFAair LM991 Respirator

✓ 99.6% Filtration efficiency surpassing all international standards/requirements.

✓ KN95 certified equivalent to N95 standard

✓ Triple filtration system for bigger particulates including dust, haze, volcanic ash, bacteria and droplets while preventing any air leakage.

✓ Proprietary contoured structure design to fit from the bridge of the nose eliminating fogging of glasses.

✓ Adjustable elastic straps to fit all face shapes while achieving complete protection.

✓ Breathing is easy with an inhale and exhale resistance surpassing international standards.

✓ Individually wrapped to ensure complete seal and hygiene.

✓ ISO 9001:2005 and ISO 14001:2015 certified.


What are we protecting you from?

• Everyday pollutants

• Smog

• Allergens

• Bacteria and droplets

• Pollen season

• Sensitivities to change in temperature and environments



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