Plantronics Audio 628

  • Easy to wear, easy to use.
  • Skype Certified for a better chatting experience
  • Noise-canceling microphone cancels noise, not your voice
  • Digital Signal Processing scrubs static and kills echo. Rich HD sound puts you there
  • Lightweight design and comfy ear pads will keep you listening


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Audio 628 Stereo USB Headset. Skype Certified for voice chat, with DSP and noise-canceling mic to stop echo, boost voice and deliver crystal clear conversations. Easy to slip on and off; even easier to use, with intuitive inline controls let you answer and end Skype calls right from the headset. 24-bit hi-fi stereo HD sound pumping out of comfy foam ear pads make it a pleasure to stay on the call.

Noise-Canceling Microphone for Clear Conversations

The Plantronics Audio 628 USB Stereo Headset uses a combination of audio-enhancing technologies to promote clear, noise-free conversations. The noise-canceling microphone filters out static without muffling your voice, crisply conveying each word you say. You will be able to communicate more effectively, without the frustration of cutouts and feedback.

In addition, the microphone actively works to tune out background noises, so you will be able to make Skype calls in noisy environments. It uses Digital Signal Processing technology to cancel out echoes and boost voice signals, improving clarity.

Stereo Headphones Deliver Rich Audio Performance

With its 32-millimeter drivers and expert sound engineering, the headset is capable of delivering crisp, high-definition audio. The headphones boast a 48 kHz sampling rate, which ensures faithful reproduction of your computer’s audio. Meanwhile, the built-in EQ adjusts low and high frequencies to create a clear, balanced tone that is ideal for conversing.

The headphones are also well suited for all your PC audio activities. Your music will sound rich and full, thanks to the headset’s 24-bit audio and inclusive dynamic range. Your gaming experience will improve as well–you will be able to hear in-game audio cues more clearly and communicate with your teammates more effectively.

Inline Panel for Easy, Accessible Control

The headset also features an inline control panel, which gives you quick control over Skype calls. A call button allows you to answer and end calls with a push*, while a microphone button lets you mute yourself just as easily. You can also adjust volume level with two conveniently placed buttons, which increase or decrease your call’s volume incrementally.

Comfortable Over-Ear Design

With its lightweight frame and snug over-ear design, the 628 Stereo Headset is comfortable to wear. The headphones are covered in soft foam ear pads to ensure comfort during extended talking sessions. And with its 6.5-foot cord, the headset gives you the freedom to move around while you talk.

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