Ukit Advance

479 plastic parts
Highly Torque Digital Robotic Servo Motor*4
Infrared Sensor*1
Touch Sensor*1
LED Lights*2
Bluetooth Speaker*1
Rechargeable lithium battery*1
Project-based Teaching
Snap-In design
Graphics based programming
Basic sensors
One (1) pc. Ukit Advance Textbook
13 Units Curriculum(18-24 class hours)


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Student’s will get excited to build, code, animate and code their robots.  UBTECH kits are tailored to Next Generation Science Standards and incorporate STEM+C learning into your classrooms.  The UKIT Advanced offers a more free thinking approach to robotics and STEM topics.  As middle school or high school students advance this kit offers new challenges, introduces new tools and more complex concepts.  Students will be exposed to in-depth instruction on the mechanics, electronics and programming behind high-tech, humanoid robots.

Give students the tools they need to be succesful and college level course and beyond with UKIT Advanced critical thinking and problem solving skills.

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