Why LIFAair Air Purifier is One of the Best in the Market?

Why LIFAair Air Purifier is One of the Best in the Market?

SEPTEMBER 22, 2020

Looking for a perfect investment this season? LIFAair’s high quality Air Purifier Captures 99.9% of viruses and bacteria.

Air Purifiers are commonly associated with hospitals, clinics or medical related facilities but now is a good time to see them differently. There are a lot of false beliefs about the usage, effectiveness and importance of air purifiers.

Sanitation became very significant nowadays because of Coronavirus, and air purifiers are game-changers. They are created to clean the air you breathe at home, offices, favorite restaurants and/or coffee shops, malls, banks, etc. They get rid of the viruses and bacterias plus filter ultra fine dusts, odor, smoke, and all other impurities in the air. Therefore, Air Purifiers are worthy of your investment especially if it’s made by LIFAair.

Why LIFAair?

Over 30 years influencing Finnish indoor air quality standards. LIFAair specializes in indoor air purification technology.  LIFAair purification equipment was first used by military applications then sooner became more widely used in the commercial field. LIFAair also became the supplier of choice for the Olympic Games, European Embassy and Macau. At present, LIFAair uses advanced cleaning technology for consumer products with strong commitment in the philosophy of  “Responsible for Every Breath” to create a high-quality breathing environment for every family around the world.

LIFAair was awarded the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 quality environmental standards in partnership with the Finnish Technical Research Centre, VTT, several new advanced methods. ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 quality are considered the highest grade and only a few manufacturers received these recognition up to date. LIFAair is an outstanding member of the following associations: European Ventilation Hygiene Association, International Society for Indoor Air Quality, Finnish Association of Indoor Air Quality. 

LIFAair patented a groundbreaking solution called 3G filtration technology,  3G stands for “3-in1 GREEN filter”. The advantages are high efficiency for removing fine particles,bacteria & virus and harmful gases together with massive dust-holding capacity achieved in extremely low pressure drop. Standard 3G-filter removes < 99.9 % of PM2.5 and < 95 % of gases for LAF Series.

LIFAair’s line of air purifiers includes LA500V Air Purifier,  LA350A Air Purifier, and Revolutionary Fresh Air Cleaner – LAF200. Each model marked with a degerming rate of 99.9%.


LA500V the Smart Air Purifier with Superior Filtration. LA500V features a combined filter that includes a 4,6m2 Medical grade H13 HEPA-filter and impregnated activated carbon which offer immense purification capacity. The usage of the combined filter is calculated according to the number of filtered contaminants and you will be alerted to change the filter via a Smart Controller once it is low capacity.

This series is ideal for most enclosed environments as it conducts rapid cleaning in real-time and can remove a wide range of everyday common pollutants and other more harmful gases within the recommended area more than 72-150 meters squared in 18 minutes to half an hour.  (depending on the environment)





LA350A the Smart Air Purifier with Exquisite and Minimalist Design. Ideal for smaller spaces such as bedrooms. Comes together with an independent intelligent monitoring & control unit. LA350A and LA500V tested and passed 99.9% against H1N1. LA350A series can fully function in a recommended area more than  39-80 meters squared in 20 minutes to an hour.






LAF Series the world’s first split IAQ monitoring unit that offers fully intelligent automated operation and detection. Wall mounted air purifier that utilizes LIFAair’s patented 3G-filtration technology to clean the air from the outside before releasing it indoors. LAF Series can filter and purify with a CADR of 500 m3/h  Equipped with H13 medical grade HEPA filter with 99% PM2.5 Purification Efficiency perfect for your office use and more.


Final Verdict, Spending for your health is the best investment you can do for yourself and for your family especially during this pandemic. 



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