Breathing Freely with LIFAair in the “Stay-at-Home Season”

Breathing Freely with LIFAair in the “Stay-at-Home Season”

AUGUST 22, 2020

Breathing Freely with LIFAair in the “Stay-at-Home Season”

by Alexandra Yuson

Blog post date: August 13, 2020


Staying at home during the COVID-19 pandemic has been the “new normal” for many households. While many families take extra precautions in creating a safer and more comfortable environment at home, we can never really be reassured if what we’re doing is enough. Part of the new lifestyle all of us are settling into, it’s unavoidable to leave our doorsteps in order to buy essential and necessary items needed at home.


Recently, I stumbled across this european brand called LIFAair. Air purifiers have been around for quite some time in the market, but what initially caught my eye with LIFAair’s air purifier was its sleek and modern design. Based on my personal research, LIFAair is a company from Finland which has been around in the market since 1988. The credibility of the brand dates to almost 30 years today, so you’ll be sure that they are indeed a forefront runner in the air control technology industry.

Image source: LIFAair PH

My indoor home life has essentially morphed into my everyday life due to the COVID pandemic, so this added assurance of breathing cleaner air is definitely a good investment in a household like mine with kids. To back-up on how much more efficient this air purifier is compared to other brands in the market, the product uses a medical-grade HEPA filter #13. To get in the nitty gritty of things, the HEPA filter #13 is certified for filtering the 0.1 micron of H1N1–which is a great consideration since the COVID-19 virus has a micron size of 0.125.


Going back to its design and quality, the LIFAair has actually been awarded 2 awards with its alloy steel frame for heavy duty protection. In addition to the main purifier itself, it also comes with a SMART Controller which allows you to put the purifier on a night mode and stand-by mode setting. This feature of having a SMART controller is nothing I’ve yet seen in other air purifiers around, so this is definitely an added point to its product specifications. Having this in the house in both our living area and bedroom, it isn’t eye-heavy to look at, nor does it cause any noise in our surroundings. Multiple guests have complimented the product as well about how classy and clean it looks for an air purifier.

LIFAair Purifiers Set to Launch in PH this Month - by GadgetPilipinas







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To top it all off, the LIFAair purifier’s price in the Philippines is much more affordable when you compare it to its price anywhere else in the world. My final verdict? The investment you make in getting a reliable air purifier is certainly worth it. From the specifications, price, and design of the product, you definitely are getting your money’s worth. I’m sure that this product could be a great asset as well in office spaces, clinics, and other areas where we’d want that added reassurance of breathing much clearer and cleaner air. Apart from cleaning your home’s air from the virus going around, this also helps in lessening your common and bothersome concerns such as unwanted air pollution that causes stuffy breathing and sneezing from allergies. Wrapping it up, we must stay wary at all times and keep in mind that you can never really put a price on the comfort, safety, and health of your loved ones. Together this “stay-at-home” season, let’s clear the air!