Gamdias Hebe M2 Gaming Headset

Sensitivity 110±3dB
Impedance 64 Ohm + / ​​- 15%
Driver diameter 53mm
Driver Magnet NdFeB
Microphone size Φ6*2.7mm
Microphone Sensitivity -42db±3db
Microphone Pick up Pattern Unidirectional
Vibration Unit Size 35mm
Cable Length 2m
Plug type USB
Dimension (LxWxH) 170 x 105 x 225 mm
Application UI Yes


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RGB Visual Illumination

The HEBE M2 RGB comes equipped with latest features and tech. True RGB engineered to provide stunning illumination lighting and vibration effects.

Ultimate 7.1 Premium Virtual Surround Sound

HEBE M2 comes equipped with the latest 7.1 premium virtual surround sound technology to offer the most immersive 3D sound experience to ensure you hear all sounds with pinpoint accuracy for that all-important competitive edge.

Oversized Earcup Design

Optimized earpads guarantees hours of comfort and isolates external noises.

Powerful 53mm HD driver

53mm speakers deliver precise audio for a crystal clear gaming experience, there is no subsitute for larger speakers relating to sound quality.

Unidirectional Flexible Microphone

The directional microphone with noise-cancelling function can be adjusted to your preference.

Customize Your Style

Quickly adjust equalizer sounds via your mobile device with Mobile HERA APP, customize headset sound quality during gameplay.

Feel The Sound With Bass Impact

Bass Impact converts low freqency bass tones into pulses around the earpads letting you feel gaming vibes.


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