LIFAair LA2302

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Latest smart air purifier from Lifa Air combines sterilization along with high quality air purification. Multiple layers of filtration ensure efficient purification in all situations.

Our flagship product for 2022 is LAS302, it combines patented 3G-filtration technology together with Scandinavian design. The filter removes efficiently contaminants and sterilization function ensures that the air quality stays always at desirable levels.

Patented 3G-technology was developed together with VTT and was originally designed for hospital and military applications but is now available to consumers as well. Benefits of 3G-filtration are high efficiency for removing particles, gaseous contaminants, viruses, bacteria and other organisms. The filter capacity is large and pressure drop low so that it is also economical to use. 3G-filter can remove over 99,99% of particles and over 95% of gases.

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