UBTECH Ukit Entry

  • Highly Torque Robotic Servo Motors *4
  • Rechargeable Lithium Battery *1
  • Project-Based Teaching
  • 3D Dynamic step-by-step instruction
  • model controlling
  • programming in two languages
  • one (1) pc. Ukit Entry Textbook
  • 12 Units Curriculum (18-24 class hours)
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  • FIRST STEP IN AI EDUCATION: uKit is programmable building block kit which allows students to easily access the coding world with its APP dynamic instruction and hundreds of parts which can be combined into many different models.
  • KIDS-FRIENDLY DESIGN: Easy to build with animated 3D guidance and snap-fit designEXPERIENCING 
  • ENLIGHTENMENT ON PROGRAMMING: Learning coding with dual programming modes:
    DRP and Blockly coding
  • SCIENTIFIC AND SYSTEMATIC CURRICULUM: Providing supporting curriculum which is based on AI education surveys and matched to different ages
  • INNOVATIVE TEACHING METHOD: Inspiring creativity and problem-solving capabilities via task-based teaching method
  • SOURCE FOR STEAM EDUCATION: Cultivating basic sense of engineering and science
  • Age group: 7-9 years old

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